Peer Comparison Reports Now Available

Last modified: December 11, 2020

Select specialty physicians can now view their Peer Comparison Reports through the Document Vault secure online repository available on the UnitedHealthcare provider portal*.

If you are a specialty physicians receiving a report, you’ll see a Peer Comparison Reports folder in the My Documents area of Document Vault.

In the report you’ll find:

  • Analysis of claims data for your UnitedHealthcare members
  • Measures such as:
    • emergency department utilization
    • level 4/5 visit rates
    • high opioid prescribing rate

Our goal in sharing this data is to support you in identifying areas of variation, both where you perform better than your peers and where you have opportunity for improvement. The analysis takes into account standards of care, evidence-based guidelines and Choosing Wisely® recommendations from the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation.

You can find more information at or email us with questions at

To access the UnitedHealthcare provider portal, simply sign in, then click on the Document Vault tool.

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* UnitedHealthcare provider portal was previously referred to as Link