Telehealth Education for Providers

We’d like to help make it easy for you to understand how telehealth works – and how it makes health care work better. This page provides information on how to get started with telehealth, connecting with patients using telehealth, coding tips, information on office staff training and more.

Why use telehealth?


  • Can help improve access to services from providers and increase convenience for members
  • Visits have the potential to decrease providers’ risk of exposure to infectious agents that are potentially introduced during a visit in a public health setting
  • Creates appointment scheduling flexibility
  • May attract patients who prefer access to providers outside traditional business hours
  • Can help establish and build better relationships between providers and members, making it easier to coordinate care

Operational Guidance

Technology Requirements

Clinical Use Cases


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Patient Guidance

Communication of services

Patient Selection Criteria

Patient Barriers 

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Telehealth Experience

Training for Office Staff

Preparing for a Telehealth Visit

Conducting a Telehealth Visit

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Mandates and Requirements

Coding and Billing




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Implementation Roadmap

Measurement Plan

 Sample Telehealth Project Plan

 Patient Feedback Survey

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Resources and Training

Telehealth Guide

Telehealth FAQs

 Telehealth Supporting Documentation  

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