Resources and Training

We will continue to update our telehealth resources and training page as more information becomes available.

Telehealth Best Practices Interactive Training Course

This training course outlines the basic steps to prepare a practice to deliver telehealth, offers tips and best practices and suggests tools to measure telehealth’s effectiveness for the practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions document has common questions and information regarding telehealth visits, documentation, coding, technology and costs.

Telehealth Visit Guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the telehealth visit process from start to finish. 

Sample Telehealth Measurement Plan

This measurement plan was developed to help you determine how to measure patient satisfaction, provider satisfaction, clinical outcomes, cost reduction and operational metrics.

Telehealth Sample Patient Feedback Survey

Use the sample patient feedback survey to help gauge your patient’s telehealth experience and areas for improvement.

* Chart adapted from Semantic Scholar. Development of the Telehealth Usability Questionnaire (TUQ). 2016.