Manuals and Benefit Plans Referenced in the Guide - Chapter 1, 2020 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Manuals and Benefit Plans Referenced in This Guide

Some benefit plans included under your Agreement may be subject to requirements found in other health care provider guides or manuals or to the supplements found in the second half of this guide.

This section provides information about some of the most common UnitedHealthcare products. Your Agreement may use “benefit contract types”, “benefit plan types” or a similar term to refer to our products.

If a member presents a health care ID card with a product name you are not familiar with, use Link’s self-service tools to quickly find information on the plan. You may also call us at 877-842-3210.

You are subject to the provisions of additional guides when providing covered services to a member of those benefit plans, as described in your Agreement and in the following table. We may make changes to care provider guides, supplements and manuals that relate to protocol and payment policy changes.

We may change the location of a website, a benefit plan name, branding or the member health care ID card. We inform you of those changes through one of our care provider communications resources.

Benefit Plans Offered by State

Visit Health Plans by State for more information about our Products and Individual Exchange benefit plans offered by state.