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UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal

The UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal has more than 40 tools that allow you to take action on claims and get the answers you need quickly. It’s available 24/7 – and at no cost to you. All without having to pick up the phone.

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Eligibility and Benefits

Verify member eligibility, determine benefits, view care plans and get a digital copy of the member ID card.

Prior Authorization and Notification

Check prior authorization and notification requirements, submit requests, upload medical notes, check status and update cases.

Claims and Payments

Submit claims, look up fee schedules, check status, view payment information, and submit reconsideration and appeal requests.


Check referral requirements, submit requests, review referral history and monitor the number of remaining visits.

Go Digital!

  • less paper
  • more automation
  • faster workflow 

All designed to support faster payments.

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Network News

Find the latest announcements, updates and reminders – prior authorization requirements, policy and protocol changes, reimbursement updates and other important information to guide how your practice works with UnitedHealthcare and our members.

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No Surprises Act open negotiations

Learn more about the requirements of the No Surprises Act of 2020 and the out-of-network claims covered under the Act. Step-by-step instructions guide you through submitting a negotiation request through the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal.

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Over 600k members to receive new ID cards

Article highlighting number of members, plans and member ID changes tied to new claims platform migration on Feb. 1, 2023.

January monthly overview

Review the latest UnitedHealthcare prior authorization, medical policy, pharmacy, reimbursement, laboratory and policy and protocol updates.

Missouri Medicaid: New breast pump vendor

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Missouri is using a new breast pump vendor.

Texas Medicaid: Pediatric formula prior authorizations

Effective March 1, 2023, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan resumes prior authorization requirements for pediatric formula.

Outpatient Procedure Grouper mapping update

On Jan. 1, 2023, we made changes to the current plan 2022 UnitedHealthcare Outpatient Procedure Grouper mapping.

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan: New prescription safety edits

Learn what new Concurrent Drug Utilization Review (cDUR) edits are now live for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan.