Referrals, Mid-Atlantic Supplement - 2020 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide


For referral process information, check the Mid-Atlantic Health Plan Referral Protocol located on > Choose Your State > Commercial Plans > Mid-Atlantic Health Plan > Referral Protocol for M.D.IPA, M.D.IPA Preferred, Optimum Choice, and Optimum Choice Preferred for:

  • Referral submission requirements
  • Maximum number of referral visits
  • Exceptions for specific specialists or treatments

Referrals are not required when M.D. IPA or Optimum Choice is the secondary carrier.

Find forms and specific referral processes for some treatments on > Choose Your State > Commercial Plans > Mid-Atlantic Health Plan. The referral form is hyperlinked within the protocol titled ‘Referral Protocol for M.D.IPA, M.D.IPA Preferred, Optimum Choice and Optimum Choice Preferred’.