How to Contact UnitedHealthcare West Resources - 2020 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

How to Contact UnitedHealthcare West Resources


To view the most current and complete Advance Notification List, including procedure codes and associated services, go to:

Online:, or Prior Authorization and Notification App on Link Arizona & Colorado Medicare Advantage Phone: 800-746-7405

California, Oregon and Washington: SignatureValue, Medicare Advantage, direct contract network and medical group/IPA carve-out

Phone: 800-762-8456

Nevada Medicare Advantage Phone: 888-866-8297

Texas and Oklahoma: Medicare Advantage, SignatureValue Inpatient Notification/Utilization Management

Phone: 800-668-8139

CT scans, MRIs, MRAs, PET scans and nuclear medicine studies, including nuclear cardiology

Request prior authorization of radiology services as described in Outpatient Radiology Notification/Prior Authorization Protocol in Chapter 6: Medical Management.

Diagnostic Catheterization, Electrophysiology Implants, Echocardiogram and Stress

Request prior authorization of cardiology services as described in Outpatient Cardiology Notification/Prior Authorization Protocol in Chapter 6: Medical Management.

(Non-delegated) Inpatient includes: Acute Inpatient, Skilled Nursing Admission, Long-Term Acute Care, Inpatient Rehabilitation Places of Service.

  • Online:
  • Phone: 800-799-5252 
  • Fax
    • Commercial:  844-831-5077
    • Medicare Advantage & Medicare Dual Special Needs:  844-211-2369
  • Mental Health Medicare Advantage: 800-508-0088
  • Transplant
    • Phone: 866-300-7736 
    • Fax: 888-361-0502

Encounter Collection, Submission & Controls, including ERA/835 transactions. Password and user ID are not required to review and access EDI information on

Have claims payments deposited electronically or make changes to an existing EFT enrollment

(Follow prompts to access information)

Commercial & Medicare Advantage HMO/ MCO

  • Arizona / Colorado / Nevada: 888-866-8297
  • California: 800-542-8789
  • Oklahoma / Texas: 877-847-2862
  • Oregon: 800-920-9202
  • Washington MCO: 800-213-7356

(Applies only to Commercial UnitedHealthcare Signature Value HMO/ MCO)

California, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington


Mailstop CA124-0160
P.O. Box 6107
Cypress, CA 90630


  • California: 800-624-8822
  • Oklahoma / Texas: 800-825-9355
  • Oregon / Washington: 800-932-3004

Fax: 866-704-3420


Mailstop CA124-0157
P.O. Box 6106
Cypress, CA 90630

Fax: 888-517-7113


(Applies only to Commercial UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue HMO/MCO)

California Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington

  • Phone: 888-277-4232
  • Fax: 800-346-0930

Commercial Products: 

Medicare Products: > Our Plans > Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Phone: 800-711-4555

See member’s health care ID card for carrier information and contact numbers.

View the member’s health care ID when you verify eligibility on the Eligibility & Benefits page or using Eligibility and Benefits (on Link).

(Applies only to commercial products in California)

Phone: 877-840-4085

Fax completed referral form to: 877-406-8212