How to contact Bind, Bind Supplement - 2022 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Group numbers available at

Resource Where to go Requirements and notes

UnitedHealthcare Shared Services (UHSS) Provider Services


Phone: 1-844-368-6661 


Real Time Eligibility (270/271):
25463 and/or Bind  

Verify Bind member eligibility and benefits with UHSS Provider Services. 

Use subscriber IDs when prompted.

Claims submission


Electronic claims submission
Payer ID: 25463

Paper claims submission
Mail to the address listed on the back of the member’s ID card.

Send claims directly to Bind Payer ID 25463. Always include the subscriber ID and rendering address on the claim. This confirms the copay/member price. If not included, the copay/member price may be incorrect from what was originally quoted.

Important: Do not submit bind claims to UnitedHealthcare. If they are, they will be denied.

Prior authorization and notification


Phone: 1-877-237-0006


Prior authorization and notification is required as described in Chapter 7: Medical Management, except for Flexible Coverages that must be activated in advance. No prior authorization is required for these procedures.

Learn more at > Bind Provider Information Guide.

Claim status


Phone: 1-844-368-6661

Please enter subscriber ID when prompted. For dependents, you will still enter subscriber ID.