Laboratory services, Neighborhood Health Partnership supplement - 2022 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Direct all NHP members to LabCorp, Inc. service centers for outpatient laboratory procedures. If a participating health care provider draws the specimen in the office, send the specimen to LabCorp, Inc.

Home health care agencies are responsible for delivery of drawn specimens to one of the LabCorp, Inc. service centers.

We pay laboratory services according to your Agreement. They must be performed by a participating health care provider that is a facility for:

  • Emergency room services.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Ambulatory surgery.
  • Transfusions.
  • Hemodialysis.

LabCorp, Inc. must process clinical laboratory specimens drawn at a skilled nursing facility.

Use of non-participating laboratory services

This applies to all participating care providers. It also applies to laboratory services, clinical and anatomic, ordered by any practitioner.

You are required to refer laboratory services to participating laboratories, except as otherwise authorized by NHP. To get more information on participating laboratories:

  • Go to or call 1-800-833-3984, option 3, to determine how to conveniently access their services.
  • Call Provider Services at 1-877-842-3210.

In the unusual circumstance you require a specific laboratory test for which you find no participating laboratory is available, contact NHP UM at 1-877-842-3210.

LabCorp requires this information to make sure accurate testing and billing:

  • Member’s NHP ID number
  • LabCorp requisition forms with all required fields completed
  • Specific test orders using test codes
  • Diagnosis codes