Health plan identification (ID) cards - 2022 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Our members receive health plan ID cards that include information necessary for you to submit claims, such as the Payer ID for electronic claims submission. Information on the cards may vary by health benefit plan.

Check the member’s ID card at each visit. You may keep a copy of both sides of the ID card for your records. Having a health plan ID card is not proof of eligibility and is not considered a guarantee of benefits.

UMR ID card sample

 UMR Sample Customizable ID Card - Front of Card, showing member information.
  UMR Sample Customizable ID Card - Back of card, showing contact information.

The primary network(s) can be found on the front of the ID card.

The member ID cards do not specify what service requires prior notification. However, they include information to begin the notification process. (See sample ID card above.) The care management vendor phone number is on the back of the ID card. Use this number to initiate authorization and notification.