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UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal | TN Practice Matters

Last update: April 15, 2021 and the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan care provider administrative manuals contain helpful information that give you and your staff an easy way to find important topics, such as prior authorization requirements, eligibility verification, claim submission, updated protocols and the TennCare Regulatory Appendix Addendum, as well as other resources and UnitedHealthcare contact information.

Find the care provider manuals, TennCare Regulatory Appendix and other topics on at your convenience.

To get you started, we are providing the links below for quick access:

Tennessee Community Plan homepage:
UnitedHealthcare Tennessee Community Plan Homepage

Care Provider Manuals:
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee Care Provider Manual

Tennessee DSNP Care Provider Manual

TennCare Regulatory Appendix Addendum

Network News:
Network News and Bulletins

Other resources:
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee Member Handbook