Your insight makes a difference

May 2022

Your feedback helps promote growth and strengthen our relationship with you. One of the best ways for you to share your thoughts and insight is through our provider survey. Each year, we take the information and aim to find improvements to make working together more efficient for providers and patients.

Survey highlights
One area of focus is seeking enhancements to our training materials and provider portal to make them more efficient for you and your patients. A few ways to be more effective include:

  • Entering recommendations and taking payments in the portal reduces calls to the patients to collect out of pocket and speeds up getting authorizations to order hearing aids
  • Registering for Electronic Transfer Funds (EFT) through PaySpan® to receive payments faster

PaySpan is free to providers and conveniently reduces costs, speeds up secondary billings, improves cash flow, and reduces paper usage. You can take advantage of this convenient service by activating your UnitedHealthcare Hearing EFT registration codes today.

Understanding the benefits of Relate™ hearing aids and how to talk to patients about the products is important. To help you in your conversations, here are a few of the reported drivers for fitting Relate:

  • The value makes it easy to sell to your patients
  • Members are interested in the product and request it
  • The quality of the technology makes it a superior hearing solution
  • By offering Relate, hearing aids are more accessible to more patients

We learned from you that the biggest concerns for not fitting Relate are the quality of technology and not being trained on the product. The Relate3.0 is a 14-channel, made for all, RogerTM ready Sonova product. You can learn more about the Relate product line and access our self-paced training course on our website. If you have additional questions or would like training on a specific product, reach out to a Relate specialist at

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“The Relate3.0 is a 14-channel, made for all, RogerTM ready Sonova product.”