Member payment options

June 2023

UnitedHealthcare Hearing is excited to announce that we now offer a new online payment option for members. 

Online payment for members

Though collecting out-of-pocket payments during the member’s appointment via the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal is the preferred method of payment and results in the best experience for both you and members, there is now the option for members to pay for their hearing devices through the new guest payment portal on We now offer 24/7 convenient check out as an alternative to paying in the office or over the phone.

For members to utilize the new payment option, a quote must be generated and accepted with a member's signature, which can be done in the Provider Portal during your consultation. Once the quote has been accepted, and if no payment method has been captured, an email will be sent within 24 hours of their appointment time to the member to give them the option to submit their payment online through the guest portal.

To streamline the payment process, we request your cooperation and support for members in the following steps:

1. Generate and accept the quote During your consultation, please create and accept a quote using the Provider Portal before the member leaves your office. This quote will initiate the next steps for payment. Please be sure to also capture an email address as well to offer this payment method to members.
2. Member proceeds with payment If payment is not taken in office, the member will receive instructions to submit their payment through the guest payment portal via email within 24 hours.
3. Provider places order once authorized Once the payment has been submitted and accepted, the member will receive a confirmation email that payment was successful and the portal status will change to “authorized.” You can then proceed with the order with the manufacturer once notified of the authorization via email.
4. Fitting appointment notification Member is notified by your office that their hearing aids have arrived and to schedule a fitting appointment

If the quote isn’t accepted, our customer care team will promptly contact you and the member to discuss and obtain agreement on the necessary documentation.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our provider care team at 855-523-9355.

Care Credit

As a reminder, we also accept Care Credit. Members can pay out-of-pocket expenses for their hearing devices by using a Care Credit card.

Creating an account

If the member does not have a Care Credit account, they can fill out an application or apply by phone at 800-677-0718. Once the member receives approval and has their account number, they can then contact us at 855-523-9355 to process their Care Credit payment once the quote has been accepted by both parties.