Get your Return for Credit transactions processed fast and easy

August 2022

Get your Return for Credit transactions processed in a timely manner by filling out and submitting the return or exchange form (found in your authorization packet) using the Provider Portal. For exchanges, please clearly document the new product(s) requested to be authorized. 

Uploading and downloading documents in the portal
Portal users are able upload or download forms in the portal. This feature helps users confirm documents instantly. Most documents are in the Documents List view; however, only clinical documents are step 6.

The documents list provides placeholders for specific document types to help group your forms. The Received Date column shows when a document was last attached to that placeholder. If there is no date next to that placeholder, it does not have any documents attached.

Select the "Document Name" or "OD Number" hyperlink to enter the appropriate document area for what you are uploading into the system.

Documents Type placeholders that portal users will download documents from are:

  • Referral Letter to Patient
  • Referral Letter to Practice
  • Order Authorization to Provider

Document Type placeholders that portal users will upload documents to are:

  • Signed Quote
  • Submit Return/Exchange/Never Ordered Form
  • Delivery Receipt/Finalization 
  • Revised Delivery Receipt/Finalization - No longer needed

From the Opportunity page for a specific patient. Select the “Documents” button.

The documents list page reveals specific document type placeholders. To enter the specific document area to upload or download the specific form, select the “Document Name” AKA “OD number” hyperlink.

Drag and drop the specific document type to the upload area section to upload the document. You may also select the document from your computer. Once the document is saved, a green Saved notice will display and a copy of the document will display in the placeholder. A user may right click on their computer and select “Back” to return to the document list. The list will show that the document was instantly received by UnitedHealthcare Hearing based on the Received Date which will display the date of when the document was attached.

To download a Prescription or Pre-cert Document, click on “6. Pre-cert Documents.” If the Status confirms Pre cert is required and there is a checkmark in the Required column, you will need to upload the document. Select Upload and upload the document that matches the required field.

Document types and definitions/descriptions:

  • Referral Letter to Patient: Copy of the referral letter to patient
  • Referral Letter to Practice: You can find a copy of the referral details, such as products, prices, recommendation form and revised recommendation form
  • Signed Quote: Placeholder for the e-signed quote will appear automatically after it is accepted in step 4 by portal user OR this is a placeholder for the portal user to manually upload a copy of the hard copy signed recommendation forms if e-signature cannot be obtained in step 4
  • Order Authorization Letter to Provider: Copy of the Authorization Document packet that contains the PO/Bill to, Blank Return/Exchange forms and Blank Delivery Finalization form
  • Submit Exchange/Return/ Never Ordered Form: Placeholder for the portal user to manually attach the completed Exchange/Return forms 
  • Delivery Receipt/Finalization: Placeholder for the e-signed Delivery Receipt/ Finalization form, which appears automatically after completing/generating/submitting e-signature in step 8 in the Provider Portal OR placeholder for the portal user to manually attach a hard copy signed Delivery Receipt Finalization form if e signature cannot be obtained in step 8
  • Revised Delivery Receipt/Finalization: Providers no longer need to use this. Please see Delivery Receipt Finalization section.