Simplifying the process for working with manufacturers on loss and damage claims

October 2021

A new process has been implemented to give you more control when helping patients manage their loss and damage (L&D) claims. You’re encouraged to call us at 855-523-9355 to request a L&D benefit coverage verification before reaching out to the manufacturer with an L&D claim. Say, “provider, existing patient,” then when prompted, say “loss and damage.”

The L&D benefit coverage verification will support you in the claim process and allow you to work more easily with the manufacturer when assisting patients who are UnitedHealthcare Hearing members and don’t have L&D benefits included in their insurance plan.

For members with L&D coverage
UnitedHealthcare Hearing will manage the transaction on behalf of the member.

  • The plan benefits will cover the replacement
  • You’ll continue to be paid a professional fee per device. No additional fees may be charged.

For members without L&D coverage
Contact the manufacturer directly to order the device replacement:

  • Use your manufacturer account when ordering
  • Collect the L&D fee from the member — the fee may not be greater than $300 per device 

More enhancements designed to improve the L&D claim process for your practice and your patients are on the way. Stay connected with us to learn more about the following new features:

  • Access to quick and easy online L&D benefit coverage verification using the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal
  • A simpler, streamlined process to work with us on claims we manage for members with L&D coverage 

Reach out to the Provider Care team at or call 855‑523‑9355 with questions about the new L&D claims process.