Introducing the Medicare Advantage Plan Flex card benefit

November 2022

You may service a subset of UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage plan members with access to a Flex benefit beginning Jan. 1, 2023. This benefit is a prepaid Visa® debit card that may be used to enhance or extend routine dental, vision and hearing benefits already included in a member’s plan. The Flex benefit will vary from $150-$750 depending on plan.

A Flex card is setup to be processed as a second credit card payment in the UnitedHealthcare Hearing provider portal. It can be used to pay for out-of-pocket expenses associated with approved covered hearing aids through UnitedHealthcare Hearing.

After generating the quote in the portal, proceed to collect payment. Remember, you can split payment between multiple credit cards within the portal.

Processing Flex card transactions

You may process Flex card dollars like a credit card for transactions below the available card balance. If a transaction is run for an amount greater than the available card balance, the transaction will fail due to insufficient funds. To take payment, follow these steps to process 2 transactions:

  • One transaction should be run for the amount remaining on the Flex card
  • A separate transaction should be taken to complete the transaction
  • The member is responsible for the balance not covered by the Flex benefit

Members may find their card balances by contacting the number on the back of their Flex benefit card.

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