Regulatory requirements for provider directories

November 2022

Use of the UnitedHealthcare Hearing Provider Portal is mandatory in 2023. This requirement helps ensure new regulatory mandates of the Federal No Surprise Act are met and that our members have full access to their hearing care. 

Sign up for the portal and take the self-paced training course to learn how to navigate the Provider Portal effectively.

Portal advantages for your full team

You and your staff may save time and enhance your workflow using the diverse and convenient features of the UnitedHealthcare Hearing Provider Portal. The portal allows you to:

  • Verify product availability
  • Collect out-of-pocket amount for member
  • Receive authorizations faster
  • Access patient referral letter
  • Submit Delivery Receipt for prompt payment
  • View status of referrals
  • Register new patients
  • Upload necessary documents
  • Confirm patient coverage
  • Receive reminders about license and liability information
  • Upload license and liability information with required attestation every 90 days
  • Ensure practice location is visible to members

Grow your practice

Want to continue to receive referrals? You will need to be an active portal user and ensure you are listed on the Provider Directory for patients to locate your practice beginning Jan. 1, 2023. Be sure you are updating your license and liability insurance on the portal before expiration and attesting that your demographic information is correct every 90 days. Review our Provider Directory overview to learn how to keep your information up to date