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Managing Emails You Receive from UnitedHealthcare

Frequently Asked Questions

We might email you when:

  • You’ve subscribed to receive the Network Bulletin or other news from us
  • We need to tell you about changes that impact Link users
  • To make you aware of Link improvements, training opportunities and promotions

Depending on the services you use, we might get your email address from:

  • Contracting
  • Our email subscription page
  • Manage My Account on Link
  • Optum ID registration
  • EPS enrollment
  • Paperless Delivery Options sign up

Note: We may ask for your title or role to help us send you relevant emails.

To make sure you receive the emails you want, add these addresses to your email address book:

  • Network Bulletin, Practice Matters and other important communications
  • Paperless Delivery Options notification of letters in Document Vault
  • Periodic emails about Link tools
  • Automated emails about your Link access
  • Automated attestation reminders from My Practice Profile
  • Payment notifications

Most of these email addresses aren’t monitored for inbound mail. If you need to email us, visit our Contact Us section to find the right contact for your needs.

There are several reasons you may not receive our emails:

  • We have an invalid email address on file or none at all.
  • You have opted out of receiving email communications from us.*
  • Your EPS payment notifications have been turned off.  Manage your EPS notifications from the My Profile page in EPS.
  • Your inbox is full.
  • Your email service provider may have put our email in your junk folder or may have rules that prevented delivery altogether. 


  • If you’re not receiving emails about Link, check your information in Manage My Account.
  • If you’re not receiving the Network Bulletin or Practice Matters, you may need to subscribe.*

Every email we send has a link at the bottom that allows you to opt out of receiving future emails. The exact wording and name of the hyperlink may vary; for example: unsubscribe, preference page, subscription page. We will comply with your request within 10 business days.

Note: We may still send you transactional emails if you’ve opted out of receiving email.