Introducing real-time data, right when you need it

At UnitedHealthcare, we believe the health care system is ready for change.

We’re excited to introduce an all-new way of sharing and accessing data that takes us one step closer to changing the course of health care together. This revolutionary suite of services gives care teams instant digital access to the latest information in real time, enabling them to experience real-time insights on care needs right within their existing work flow.



Up-to-the-minute intelligence helps deliver the best care.

Cost transparency makes it easier to choose the most cost-effective care.

Digital integration of systems means less burden on you.

  • Fast, direct access to detailed information shows open care opportunities right in the electronic medical record (EMR) system so you can close them before or during the visit.
  • Ability to identify which services need prior authorization for faster decisions.
  • Access to health data from multiple sources gives you a secure, timely, portable view of patient history so you are better informed as you provide care.
  • “At risk” alerts enable you to get ahead of patient health conditions.
  • Access to actionable intelligence tailored to fit each individual patient, guiding you toward the right next steps.
  • Instant access to cost information within the EMR system helps you give patients lower-cost care options.
  • Easy access to prescription costs and coverage in the EMR helps care teams share medication costs with patients and find lower-cost options.
  • Streamlined prior authorizations for prescribed medications and medical services are built into the EMR to save you time.
  • Real-time individual health record intel decreases the likelihood of you duplicating services that happened outside your office, helping you get paid appropriately.
  • Improved electronic sharing means you can grant access to your EMR, enabling the UnitedHealthcare team to view records, reducing redundant tasks for you.
  • Improved digital integration means you can electronically push a subset of the medical record (structured clinical data) to UnitedHealthcare, reducing paperwork and helping to address open care opportunities for your patients.
  • Access to consolidated health record information means you can spend less time asking patients to share updates from other clinicians and more time on care.
  • Automated prior authorizations means you can get decisions when you need them at the point of care.

Interested in learning more?

Explore the innovative suite of services to see which ones serve your needs.

Point of Care Assist

  • Delivering enhanced benefit information at the point of care.

PreCheck MyScript

  • Get real-time prescription costs and coverage detail.

Individual Health Record

  • Consolidating an individual’s health story into one digital record, even if your patients see other providers.

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