High Performing Physicians program metrics: Helping you connect patients to high-quality, cost-efficient care

Last modified:  July 23, 2021

As part of the High Performing Physicians program, UnitedHealthcare is supporting your practice’s effort to select more affordable care options for your patients. These 5 metrics provide visibility into your referral patterns and help you connect patients with high-value care.

  • Preferred Specialist Referral: Refer patients to specialists identified as high-quality and cost-efficient
  • Pharmacy-Preferred Tier Prescribing: Supports you in prescribing Tiers 1 and 2 pharmacy-preferred drugs, which are typically the lower-cost option for your patients
  • Preferred Lab Network: Facilitates your use of the UnitedHealthcare Preferred Lab Network, which includes independent labs that have high standards for quality, service and affordability
  • Lower-Cost Imaging Providers: Supports use of independent or hospital-based imaging centers or physician groups whose magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) technical imaging service costs are lower than their peers. Contact you Network Engagement Manager at
  • Lower-Cost Surgical Center: Assists in identification of independent and hospital-based surgical centers whose costs for certain procedures are lower than their peers. Contact you Network Engagement Manager at

Solutions for working together

These key metrics serve as the foundation for our collaboration and enable us to make progress on our shared commitment of connecting patients to high-quality, cost-efficient care. Here’s how they work together:

View actionable performance data, including current referral patterns, with UnitedHealthcare Insights.

Find, refer and estimate patients’ cost for affordable care options within your EMR workflow using Point of Care Assist®.

Get support from a Network Engagement Manager to understand and act on the data to continually improve.


Visit or contact your Network Engagement Manager at