Demonstrate commitment to affordable care by using the Preferred Lab Network

Last modified:  July 23, 2021

As part of the High Performing Physicians program, you have demonstrated a commitment to helping your patients get quality, cost-efficient care. You can connect your patients to these select lab providers by leveraging the UnitedHealthcare Preferred Lab Network.

UnitedHealthcare has selected Preferred Lab Network care providers based on a rigorous review process that requires labs to meet higher standards for access, cost, data, quality and service. Participating labs offer physicians and patients improved quality, access and service at lower cost.

Your patients can still use a lab in the extensive UnitedHealthcare network of over 300 labs, even if that lab isn’t in the Preferred Lab Network. However, choosing a lab in the Preferred Lab Network can benefit patients by allowing them to schedule appointments online and may lead to shorter wait times for services.

Requesting services from labs in the Preferred Lab Network

We expect physicians who refer to labs in the Preferred Lab Network to notice prompt turnaround times for lab results, ease of use when ordering labs electronically, as well as easy access to physician-to-lab medical director consultations to support patient care. You will not need to do anything different to access services from these providers. Preferred Lab Network labs are labeled in our care provider directories.

Preferred Lab Network labs will perform covered tests, however available services may vary by lab. The lab’s directory listing will include the type of testing available, and its website will also list the tests performed at their locations.

Locate a list of preferred labs in Point of Care Assist® in your EMR workflow, or in the provider directory if Point of Care Assist is not yet available.