Provider Advocacy Center delivers faster problem resolution

Last modified: December 1, 2021

Enhanced Service for High Performing Physician practices

The High Performing Physicians program rewards your commitment to providing quality, affordable care through enhanced service with the Provider Advocacy Center.

Provider Advocacy Center offers a higher-touch service that enables quicker resolutions by handling your issues from beginning to end. When you call UnitedHealthcare for help, we’ll connect you with a service advocate who is empowered to make commitments, provide updates, adjust claims in real time, help you access self-service tools, and more.

High Performing Physician practices receive a higher level of service as part of our commitment to simplify the way we work together. Our dedicated call center provides:

  • Touch Telephonic Support: Connecting you with one person who is committed to handling your issue from start to finish
  • Improved Issue Resolution: Identifying the root cause of your issues to prevent recurrence
  • Education and Training: Offering education on our policies, products, and digital tools
  • Proactive Claim Review: Analyzes claim history to identify recurring issues to save your practice time & money, and help accelerate payment

A participating practice shared their experience in working with the Provider Advocacy Center, “It’s been invaluable to us. Being able to call a dedicated hotline that delivers us into a higher caliber set of people who are able to resolve our issues quickly and can educate and inform so we don’t run into the same problem again is an absolute game changer.”

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