Get Contracted

Contracting is a separate process from credentialing – but to help keep things moving, we’ll start the contracting process with you while you’re working through credentialing.

Contracting Process

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If you’re joining a medical group that already has a participation agreement with UnitedHealthcare, you won’t receive a contract directly. Instead, you’ll be added to the group agreement once your credentialing application has been approved. (This can take up to three weeks once credentialing is approved.)  

Important Note

Unless otherwise allowed by state regulations, you must be approved through both the credentialing and contracting processes – and receive confirmation from us that each step is complete – before you can see patients as an approved network provider.

Here’s what happens next:

Watch for Your Contract

Once we receive your CAQH- or state-approved credentialing application, we’ll send you a contract – called your participation agreement. This usually happens within 10 business days.
If you’ve given us an email address, we’ll send you the contract through the secure DocuSign application. (Learn more about DocuSign below.) If not, we’ll send it to you by U.S. mail. 

Keep in Mind: Getting a participation agreement from us doesn’t mean your credentialing application has been approved. To shorten the onboarding timeline, we’re sending you the agreement for review while your credentialing application is being verified. You’ll receive a decision on your credentialing application separately

Review the Agreement

Read through the contract and discuss it with others on your team, if needed.  If you have questions about the contract, talk with your local Network Management team.

Sign and Return the Agreement

Please return your signed agreement as soon as possible. We’ll then have it on hand, so that once you’re credentialing application is approved we can get your contract set up in our system. It can take up to four weeks for set-up to be completed.

Receive the Go-Ahead

We’ll let you know once your agreement is fully set up and you’re clear to begin seeing patients as a UnitedHealthcare network provider. 

Important Note

You must be approved through the credentialing process and have a countersigned agreement before you can see patients as an approved network provider.

DocuSign is an easy-to-use application that speeds up the contracting process by allowing you to review and sign contracts through email – it replaces the need to print, sign and mail the agreements back to us.

DocuSign is:

  • Secure: When you receive an email through DocuSign, you’ll be asked a series of questions – based on information you provide in the credentialing application – to verify your identity before you can view the participation agreement.
  • Flexible: If needed, you can forward the email to the person on your team who’s authorized to sign the agreement. 
  • Compliant: This secure, paperless system meets all state and federal requirements for privacy and compliance.
The Credentialing Program has been developed in accordance with state and federal requirements and accreditation guidelines. In accordance with those standards, UnitedHealthcare members will not be referred and/or assigned to you until the credentialing process and contracting process have been completed.