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Document Vault and Paperless Delivery Options

With Document Vault, You Can:

  • Access reports
  • View claim and prior authorization letters as well as provider remittance advice (PRA)
  • Search and filter letters
  • Mark documents with a star to quickly access them again
  • Download and print documents

Quick Reference Guides and Other Resources 

If you’re new to Document Vault, here are some resources to help get you started:

Available Letters

UnitedHealthcare Commercial and Medicare

  • Claim
  • Prior Authorization
  • Provider Remittance Advice (PRA)

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

  • Claim - Coming Soon

UnitedHealthcare West

  • Prior Authorization
  • Payment Packages - Coming Soon


Available UnitedHealthcare commercial claim letters include: Additional information needed, authorization of therapy services, acknowledgements, reconsideration response, Medicaid non-covered service, overpayment reimbursement requests and resubmit to correct payer. UnitedHealthcare Medicare claim letters are for additional information needed.

All letters and PRA are available in Document Vault for 180 days. Claim letters and PRA are also available in claimsLink for 18 months.  

  1. RCM staff should first register for an Optum ID with their employer’s Tax ID number (not the care provider’s).
  2. Next, request access to care provider Tax ID numbers in the Link Security tool.
  3. A letter is mailed to the care provider with instructions for approving or denying access.
  4. RCM staff will receive an email when their access request has been approved or denied. 

Document Vault uses your Optum ID to identify you and determine your role. You will only see the reports and letters that your role is authorized to see. 

  • Claim letters and provider remittance advice (PRA): You must have access to claimsLink
  • Prior authorization letters: You must have access to the Prior Authorization and Notification tool

Contact your Password Owner if you need additional access. Instructions for Password Owners are available here

Static report documents appear in the My Documents section on the Document Vault home page. You can navigate through folders to access these reports or search for reports based on criteria such as creation date, TIN or claim number.