Genetic and molecular lab testing updates

Starting June 1, 2021, we’re making some process changes to our Genetic and Molecular Lab Testing Program. These changes will impact the process for requesting prior authorization and registering lab tests. Here’s what you need to know:

Changes to the prior authorization process

  • Starting June 1, 2021, UnitedHealthcare will begin managing prior authorizations for genetic and molecular tests, instead of Beacon Laboratory Benefit Solutions, Inc.
  • When this change goes into effect, ordering providers will use our Prior Authorization and Notification (PAAN) self-service tool to request prior authorization, or call 877-303-7736

Changes to the lab test registration process

  • Starting June 1, 2021, our Genetic and Molecular Lab Testing Program will use the UnitedHealthcare Laboratory Test Registry and discontinue use of the Beacon lab test registry
  • When this change goes into effect on June 1, labs will register genetic and molecular tests in the UnitedHealthcare registry, instead of the Beacon registry
  • We’re currently transferring genetic and molecular lab test information from the Beacon registry into the UnitedHealthcare registry
  • We ask that each laboratory review and confirm the accuracy of genetic and molecular lab tests in the UnitedHealthcare registry before June 1, 2021

Visit our laboratory test registry page for more information about lab test registration, including:

Impacted health plans

These process changes apply to UnitedHealthcare plans that currently require prior authorization for certain genetic and molecular tests performed in an outpatient setting through BeaconLBS. This includes:

  • Certain UnitedHealthcare commercial benefit plans when UnitedHealthcare is the primary payer
  • UnitedHealthcare of the Mid-Atlantic
  • UnitedHealthcare Plan of the River Valley
  • UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company of the River Valley
  • Neighborhood Health Partnership (newly included, effective July 1, 2021)
  • Oxford Health Insurance
  • All Savers Insurance Company
  • All Savers Life Insurance Company of California
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan in California, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin

More information to come

Additional information about changes to the UnitedHealthcare Genetic and Molecular Lab Testing prior authorization and lab test registry process, including upcoming training for ordering providers, will be available in the May 2021 Network Bulletin. 


Call 877-303-7736 for members of all affected plans, except All Savers and Oxford. For All Savers and Oxford plan members, call the number of the back of the member card.