August 02, 2022

At-home A1C and kidney disease screening outreaches underway

You may be caring for a UnitedHealthcare commercial member who has been diagnosed with diabetes and has received a letter or email encouraging them to order an at-home eGFR and uACR testing kit or an A1C testing kit.

You don’t have to do anything for patients to receive either testing kit. However, patients may reach out to you for general questions about the communication they received or the testing kits.

Outreach process
UnitedHealthcare and BioIQ, the testing kit vendor, sent the letter or email that encourages patients to opt in via an interactive voice response (IVR) call, text message or web portal to receive an at-home eGFR and uACR testing kit or A1C testing kit.

Patients who enroll in the program must use their personal invitation code included in the email or letter. We’ll also send them a reminder letter if they haven’t returned the kit in 30 days.

What happens after patients enroll?
We’ll send the results to the patient and their physician on file once the patient has completed and returned the kit.

Patients with abnormal test results will also receive a live follow-up call from a BioIQ contracted nurse or a certified letter.

Patient education information
If your patient comes to you with questions, you can point them to the following resources:

If you or your patient has questions, call the number on your patient's health plan ID card.