June 01, 2022

Arizona Medicaid: Required courses for some health care professionals serving children in the Arizona Children’s System of Care

Provider agencies that serve children and adolescents in the Arizona Children’s System of Care (CSOC), and that have employees who facilitate Child and Family Team Meetings (CFTs), are required to take the following courses:

  • Two-day CFT facilitators course
  • CFT supervisor training

In addition to the 2 CFT courses, each provider agency is required to identify, at minimum, one staff member to attend the following CFT Train the Trainer (TtT) courses:

  • CFT facilitator TtT course, offered from June through September 2022
  • CFT supervisor facilitator TtT course, offered from September through December 2022

These sessions are for staff who will be delivering the 2-day CFT training and CFT supervisor training in-house within their own agency. These identified staff will be known as “CFT Champions.”

CFT Champions who participate in a TtT session must:

  • Be seasoned staff who possess the skills needed to lead training sessions
  • Have completed the CFT training requirements already in place
  • Be competent in CFT facilitation

Choosing a CFT Champion
It is left to the discretion of each provider agency to verify trainer competency. Participants should be internally vetted as competent by their provider agency prior to enrollment. Provider agency leadership will need to sign up their identified “CFT Champion” in the AZAHP- CFT Champion Certification training plan that has been created in the Relias Learning Management System (LMS).

For additional details about this process, please see the Child and Family Team (CFT) Initiatives Overview from the Arizona Association of Health Plans Workforce Development Alliance.

For answers to specific questions, email the AZAHP Workforce Development Alliance at