November 17, 2022

Where to find documents as they go digital-only

Over the last year, we’ve transitioned printed documents for most network health care professionals and facilities from mail to electronic delivery, including:

  • Provider remittance advice (PRAs)
  • Prior authorization and other clinical letters
  • Appeal determinations
  • Overpayment letters
  • Claim acknowledgments

If you’re still receiving letters/documents by mail

You may have noticed that your organization still receives some correspondence by mail. Some documents will continue to be printed and mailed if:

  • The document isn’t available in Document Library
  • Paper delivery is required for regulatory or compliance reasons
  • You provide service to community plan members in a state that has not yet transitioned to paperless

View documents in Document Library

For documents no longer being mailed, an email notification will be sent when they’re available in Document Library in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. The email will also tell you in which Document Library folder you can find them.

Tips to help ensure you don’t miss information

  • Check Document Library regularly for new letters
  • Use the TrackIt tool, found in the portal, to view many documents you’d normally access in Document Library. This includes activity on requests, pended claims, reconsiderations, appeals, Smart Edits and more.
  • Consider other digital tools, including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or application programming interface (API), to send or receive information from UnitedHealthcare.
  • Talk to your Primary Access Administrator (PAA) about your notification preferences
    • When new communications are available, UnitedHealthcare sends an email notification to the address on file, which is typically the PAA
    • The PAA is the only person in your organization who can change email delivery preferences, set up group inboxes, etc.

What’s ahead in paperless

UnitedHealthcare has made a companywide commitment to using personalized, digital tools wherever possible. These tools are designed to help you get information quickly and more efficiently while helping reduce paper use and its related environmental impact.

Letters we mail you aren’t the only communications going digital. In 2023, we’ll shift from reducing paper we send you to reducing paper you send to us when digital options are available. Contracted health care professionals and facilities will be required to submit most claims, claim attachments, reconsideration requests and appeal requests electronically. We’ll also continue to provide and promote member health plan ID cards in digital formats, which may require changes in your patient intake process. 

All required paperless transitions will be announced in Network News at least 90 days prior to the change. We encourage you to explore our digital solutions and review your workflows so that your team is prepared. Review the most up-to-date information, exclusions and schedule at


Please contact UnitedHealthcare Provider Services at 877-842-3210, TTY/RTT 711, 7 a.m.–5 p.m. CT, Monday–Friday.

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