June 01, 2022

Introducing Smart Edits for behavioral health

Smart Edits is now available for behavioral health care professionals to help repair claims with potential errors. Claims that are accurately submitted and in compliance with the latest policies and regulations result in less rework, quicker approvals and faster payments.

What is Smart Edits?
Smart Edits is a claims optimization tool that identifies billing errors within a claim and allows you to review and repair problematic claims. We send Smart Edits within 24 hours of a claim submission so you can review identified claims in a matter of hours instead of potential claims denials days later.

How does it work?
If the information within your claim triggers a Smart Edit, you’ll see a message on your 277 Claims Acknowledgement Report within 24 hours of submission. A Smart Edit message will explain why the claim was returned and provide direction on how to update and resubmit the claim, or let you know if any future action is needed.

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  • Smart Edits claims: Please contact your electronic data interchange (EDI) vendor or clearinghouse
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