June 01, 2022

New Jersey Medicaid: Maternity incentive payment for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan providers

UnitedHealthcare is excited to announce that beginning July 1, 2022, we’ll be paying a $75 incentive bonus for the initial prenatal visit and a $75 incentive bonus for the first postpartum visit. The incentive is a part of our effort to increase member access to physician services and applies to UnitedHealthcare Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program benefit plans.

In an effort to identify and support pregnant women and ensure the best birth outcomes, it is our priority to have members seen by physicians as early in their pregnancies as possible, preferably in the first trimester for a prenatal visit and 1 to 12 weeks postpartum. Prenatal and Post-Partum visits are critical to assessing a mother’s risks before birth and assessing her recovery after childbirth.

How the incentive works
The incentive program is designed to reward and acknowledge the integral role obstetricians play in our members’ prenatal and postpartum care.

Here’s how the incentive works:

  • The bonus is to pay only for the first prenatal visit and the first postpartum visit after delivery
  • The incentive applies to UnitedHealthcare Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program benefit plans based on your current participation agreement with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of New Jersey, Inc. and its affiliates
  • Your reimbursement will continue to be fee-for-service based
  • Our reimbursement policies, protocols, procedures or claims submission processes won’t change

Note: You don’t need to take any action to claim the incentive, though you should encourage your patients to come in for their prenatal and postpartum care. Be sure to include the proper billing codes when submitting claims to ensure accurate payment of the incentive.

To further support you in providing care for your patients/our members, our Healthy First Steps® program is for expectant mothers that includes access to resources, education opportunities and provides care management support for at-risk members to help address medical, social and behavioral needs. 

Please refer your members to the Healthy First Steps Helpline at 1-800-599-5985 or our Provider Service team at 1-888-362-3368 to learn more about their options.