October 01, 2022

Optum Pay launches Quick Pay

A new way to get paid faster

Last updated: October 24, 2022

Optum Pay® Premium has a new option that may help speed up the processing time for payments on processed claims. 

Through Quick Pay, Optum Pay Premium users may be able to opt in to receive payments 1–2 days sooner than the average ACH payment. Quick Pay is available for health care professionals who are enrolled in Optum Pay Premium. Payments are available from a select group of payers, including UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company and its Affiliates, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc., Preferred Care Partners, Inc. or UnitedHealthcare West PacifiCare, with no additional fee. 

To participate, eligible users must:

  • Receive payment via ACH
  • Be enrolled in Optum Pay Premium access
  • Opt-in by turning on access in Quick Pay

How to get started

  • Premium users: You can turn on access at any time within the Optum Pay Solutions Dashboard 
    • Go to “Manage Premium features”
    • Click “Manage status” and a pop-up appears showing the tax ID number (TIN) the user logged in with
    • Switch the toggle button to “On”
      • To change more than 1 TIN, click the dropdown menu to “View and manage status for additional TIN(s)”
    • Click “Continue” and then “Save changes”
  • Basic users: If the Quick Pay ACH solution sounds appealing, review the Quick Pay information. If eligible, sign up for OptumPay Premium access; then follow the steps above to opt into Quick Pay.

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