June 23, 2022

Tennessee UnitedHealthcare Community Plan sterilization consent form notification

TennCare has advised that the sterilization consent form is codified in regulation at 42 CFR §441.258 and §441.259 should continue to be used regardless of whether there is a current Office of Management and Budget (OMB) date. 

The expiration date listed on the sterilization form will continue to be renewed with new dates, but for TennCare purposes the form does not require an expiration date to be valid. This is the only form that can be used, and it may not be altered in any way. Sterilization consent forms will not be denied due to the expiration date listed on the top right corner of the consent form. 

Please be aware of these regulations and continue to use the sterilization consent form without altering the OMB date. 

Review the TennCare regulation for more information.