May 01, 2022

Update your phone number in our network directory

A recent review has shown that some phone numbers in our network directory are incorrect.

Out-of-service or otherwise incorrect phone numbers can make it difficult for members to set up appointments or follow up with you after an office visit.

Review and update your information

Please review your phone numbers at each place of service to ensure they are accurate. You may also want to check your other demographic information. Updates can be made through 1 of the following attestation methods:

Reminder – 90-day attestation requirements

You are now required to review, update and attest to your demographic data accuracy every 90 days. While you are reviewing your information for your phone number, we encourage you to review all your information and complete your attestation.

Please note, the demographic change form is not a valid attestation method. It can only be used to request changes to your data.

Please refer to your Participation Agreement for additional contractual notice requirements that may separately apply.

We’re here for you

Questions? Please contact your network management representative