February 01, 2023

Nokia employees now have Surest plans

You’re in-network if you participate in commercial plans

Effective Jan. 1, 2023, Nokia employees are covered by plans provided by Surest™ plan, which is part of the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network.

You don’t need separate credentialing for Surest plans if you participate in other UnitedHealthcare commercial plans. Please help ensure that staff are familiar with the Surest plan member ID card and understand that you’re in-network for these members.

Recognizing the Surest member ID card

Please note that the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network is on the back of the card.

Surest member ID card front example
Surest member ID card back example

Sample member ID card for illustration only; actual information varies depending on payer, plan and other requirements.

Checking Surest plan member information

Please use the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal and select 25463 – Surest from the payer drop-down to complete certain plan administrative tasks, including checking member eligibility and coverage, and reviewing and submitting claims.


  • You don’t need separate credentialing if you’re a UnitedHealthcare-participating health care professional
  • Call the Surest Provider Line at 844-368-6661 to receive assistance with tasks that aren’t currently available in the portal
    • Prior authorization/notification for Surest plans and Surest Flex plans will be available in the portal at a later date
    • Variable pricing information for Surest Flex plans will be available in the portal at a later date


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