Arizona: Update COVID-19 vaccination records through ASIIS

Last update: October 6, 2021

You help meet Arizona requirements when you keep your patients’ vaccination records updated in the Arizona State Immunization Information System (ASIIS). ASIIS collects information about:

Using ASIIS is required if you administer the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • You must report the doses to ASIIS using either HL7 reporting or manual entry reporting within 24 hours of administration
  • When entering vaccination records into ASIIS, be sure to use the information (lot number, expiration date, type, manufacturer, etc.) from the vaccine’s box
  • To help ensure the same COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer is administered for a patient’s second dose, please use AIIS to verify the patient’s first dose


For more information, visit the Arizona Immunization Program Office (AIPO):

·      AIPO ASIIS training


·      AIPO job aid for ASIIS

·      Enroll with ASIIS