Arizona: Free translation services for your patients

Last modified: June 14, 2021

Do you have patients who need language assistance?

We provide free translation and interpretation services to help ensure UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Arizona members and their families understand the member’s diagnosis and treatment plan in a culturally sensitive manner.

Services are available to our members and to you at any time. More than 240 non-English languages and hearing-impaired services are available.

You can access these services by:

  • Phone: Call 866-874-3972
    • AHCCCS Complete Care (ACC)/Developmental Disabilities (DD) client ID: 237437
    • Arizona Long-Term Care – Elderly and Physically Disabled (ALTCS EPD) client ID: 237438
  • In-person: To request language translation or American Sign Language (ASL) services in-person, call 888-225-6056
    • ACC/DD client ID: 237437
    • ALTCS EPD client ID: 237438
  • Virtual: You can request a meeting between the care provider, member and the interpreter by completing a Request for Virtual Onsite Interpreting Services form  
  • Telehealth virtual meeting: Access on-demand ASL and Spanish translation sessions by submitting a LanguageLine solutions telehealth video interpreter request
  • App: Use the LanguageLine Insight Interpreting app when you and the member are in the same room. You can install the app from the App Store or Google Play or download it on a Mac or PC.
  • ASL Services: Available in-person or virtually. Call Provider Services at one of the numbers listed below to schedule ASL services.


Call Provider Services:

  • For AHCCCS Complete Care (ACC) and Developmental Disabilities (DD), call 800-445-1638
  • For Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS), call 800-293-3740