Prepare for patients with Bind health insurance

Last modified: October 5, 2021

Bind introduces fully insured product

The Bind personalized health plan will be offered on a fully insured basis to employers with more than 50 employees. Bind launched fully insured benefit plans in Florida and Utah, and filed for approval in Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. 

With a nationwide membership, Bind continues to grow and will be upgrading plan designs and communications for coverage beginning in 2021. Improve patient satisfaction by loading Bind into your registration and claim system now so staff is prepared.

Load Bind into your practice registration and claim system

Avoid delays in claims handling and processing. Add the Bind Benefits, Inc., payer ID number into your systems.

  • Bind Benefits, Inc. is the payer. Payer ID: 25463
  • All claims should be routed to Bind Benefits, Inc., following the instructions on the member ID card. Claims address: Bind, P.O. Box 211758, Eagan, MN 55121. Bind Benefits, Inc., may be entered as the “insurance” carrier (dependent on your system). 

While Bind leverages the UnitedHealthcare network, Bind members must present a Bind member ID card to your staff.  

  • If the back of the member ID card references UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network or other UnitedHealthcare networks, visit the UnitedHealthcare Shared Services (UHSS) Provider Portal or call the number listed on the member ID card to determine eligibility and benefits. 
  • Be sure to use subscriber details for the subscriber or dependents when calling the Provider Help line or the Provider Portal on the back of the member ID card.
  • For clinical notification requirements, follow those for the applicable UnitedHealthcare network. Refer to the member ID card for the clinical phone number. 


Flexible coverage

In some Bind plans, members must activate coverage for a small set of plannable, non-emergency procedures at least three days before the service is provided. That coverage remains active for 120 days. Before providing services, verify that coverage for Bind members is active by calling UnitedHealthcare Shared Services Provider Service (UHSS Provider Services) at 844-368-6661. Be sure to use subscriber details for the subscriber or dependents.

For a sample list of these procedures, see the Bind Provider Guide.

Contact us 

For questions regarding patient eligibility, benefits or claims, register and log in to the UHSS Provider Portal or call the UHSS telephone on the back of the member's medical ID card.