New name, better features

Last modified: Aug 17, 2021

Document Vault will be Document Library

In late August, Document Vault will become Document Library. It’s part of our transition from Link to the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. And it’s more than just a name change – Document Library has new and upgraded features and functionality to more easily access, print and view electronic letters, reports and data.

Sample preview of Document Library which allows users to review Folders such as: Claim Letters, Delegation Management, Episodes of Care, Management Documents, Overpayment Documents, Payment Documents, Peer Comparison Reports, Prior Authorization Letters, TN Patient Centered Medical Home, TN Quarterly MAT Provider Report and more. Document Library also allows users to see a snapshot of newly created provider correspondence. Documents are listed in the order of the date they were placed in Document Library with the most recent at the top. Documents are listed in a chart of 5 categories, including Document Type, Primary ID, Folder, Provider Name, Action.

What’s new and upgraded?
  • Quickly find what you’re looking for: The new layout has easily identifiable folders along the left of the screen, which will help you locate specific types of letters. No need for sorting or waiting for items to be mailed to you. You can also sort by date to see the most recently added documents.
  • Get your reports in your provider portal dashboard: To make it easier for you to pull data, the following reports were moved out of Document Vault and put under Documents & Reporting in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal:
    • UnitedHealthcare Reports
    • Physician Performance & Reporting
    • UnitedHealthcare West Reports
    • Hospital Performance-Based Comp Reports
  • Manage documents more easily: As you navigate and search for individual documents or groups of documents, you can now:
    • Mark letters and documents as read with the indicator icon
    • Mark letters and documents as unread with the indicator icon

All this and more

With Document Library, you’re still able to do many of the same tasks you did in Document Vault, including:

  • Download and print documents
  • Flag letters for convenient viewing
  • Get prior authorization letters for UnitedHealthcare commercial, Medicare, Community Plan and UnitedHealthcare West members
  • Get claim letters for most UnitedHealthcare commercial and Medicare members
  • Get payment documents (including provider remittance advices — PRAs) for most UnitedHealthcare commercial, Medicare, Community Plan and some UnitedHealthcare West payments
  • Get overpayment letters for most UnitedHealthcare commercial, Medicare, Community Plan and UnitedHealthcare West payments

Learn more about Document Library at