Utah: Submitting a claim? Check the member ID card first.

In January, we began offering a new UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan in Northern Utah. Since there’s a change to the claims process for some members of this plan, we want to help ensure you’re submitting claims correctly in order to avoid denials. Here’s what you need to know:

Where to submit claims

Some members of this new plan have received a new ID card, so it’s important to check the card each time the member presents for services. The information on the card will tell you where to submit claims for that member.

  • Members who’ve chosen an Intermountain Healthcare PCP have a UnitedHealthcare ID card with the Payer ID 87726
    • Claims for these members should be submitted to UnitedHealthcare instead of Optum
  • Members who’ve chosen anyone other than an Intermountain Healthcare primary care provider (PCP) have a UnitedHealthcare ID card that includes the designation of OptumCare with the Payer ID LIFE1
    • Claims for these members should be submitted to Optum, and not UnitedHealthcare

View the member ID card on our Provider Portal

You can use our Eligibility and Benefits solution to view your patient’s member ID card electronically. With Eligibility and Benefits, you can also:

  • Quickly check UnitedHealthcare member eligibility
  • Find the member’s cost share, deductible or out-of-pocket responsibility
  • Determine network and tier status

For more information, see our Eligibility and Benefits self-paced user guide or register for live training.

We're here to help. If you have any questions regarding submitting a claim, please visit the Contact us page.