Ohio Community Plan Prenatal Risk Assessment form incentives

Last modified: January 15,  2021

Cash rewards to help your patients
Prenatal Risk Assessment forms (PRAF) are important for the care and referral of patients. They also help ensure that moms receive the best support for a healthy pregnancy. When you fill out the form, we’re notified of the member’s pregnancy, so we can enroll the mom-to-be in our Maternity Management programs as soon as possible.

Bill $75 for each PRAF

We have a $75 incentive for each PRAF submitted. The PRAF must be received by UnitedHealthcare Community Plan within 5 business days of the patient visit. Bill us each time your office completes and sends in a new assessment due to a change in the member’s conditions.

The preferred method of submission is the electronic PRAF 2.0 through the Ohio Department of Medicaid’s Online Notification of Pregnancy System (NurtureOhio).

  • Open the NurtureOhio website to access the PRAF
  • Instructions can be found at
  • Users need to register in the Medicaid Information Technology System (MITS).

For user name or password issues, visit

Bill $25 for each CMS 1500

  • You can be reimbursed an additional $25 for completing the CMS 1500 (837P) billing form
  • Use HCPCS code H1000 when billing
  • This form must be completed and faxed to Healthy First Steps at 877-353-6913

Please contact UnitedHealthcare Provider Services at 800-600-9007