Downloadable payment information now available in Optum Pay basic

Last modified: March 12,  2021

Downloadable payment information now available in Optum Pay basic

In response to feedback from health care professionals, Optum Pay now includes additional payment information that you can access at no cost. Specifically:

  • Detailed remittance information (downloadable PDFs), as well as access to 835 files for each payment processed through Optum Pay
  • Access up to 13 months of payment data

This change recognizes the importance of having downloadable provider remittance advice (PRA) documents available to help with your financial management and claim reconciliation activities.

Note: Optum Pay basic is only available to health care professionals and facilities who enroll in Automated Clearing House (ACH)/direct deposit through Optum Pay.

Option to update your Optum Pay premium enrollment

If you were enrolled in Optum Pay premium during the recent free trial period, you can cancel your enrollment through the end of March without penalty. This means you won’t be charged the $0.5% per payment fee for any claim payments. If you would like to cancel your premium-level access, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the cancellation form
  2. Email the completed form to

Please note: Cancellations are effective on the date the form is received by Optum Pay. You won’t be charged for any additional days needed to process your request.