Payment information available 24/7

Last modified: February 12, 2021

PRAs can be at your fingertips — at no cost — with just a few clicks

Forget waiting for the mail to arrive to find out what your reimbursement is for a claim. You have secure access to Provider Remittance Advice (PRA) documents through the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. Access is at no cost to you and you can retrieve PRAs at any time — since they’re available the same day they’re generated, you don’t have to wait for letters to arrive in the mail.

How to find PRAs

Document Vault is UnitedHealthcare’s online repository of claim-related communications and reports. Letters are organized by type and are available for up to 24 months from the date they’re posted. To access Document Vault:

  1. Go to and sign in to the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. Simply click “Sign In” in the upper right corner and use your sign-in credentials.
  2. Select the Document Vault or Document Vault Electronic Letters & Reports icon (whichever shows on your dashboard).
  3. Look for the Payment Documents folder.
    • If you don’t see the Payment Documents folder, please contact your organization’s Password Owner and ask that they give you access to view the folder.
  4. Review the list and click on the PRA you want to view. (PRAs are saved in PDF format.) Depending on your process, you can open and view, save to your practice management system and print the PRA if needed.
    •  Customized search options are available to help find a specific PRA, including by claim number and date range. 

For help using Document Vault, review the self-paced user guide to going paperless.

No charge to access PRAs

There’s no charge to retrieve PRAs using Document Vault. All you need is an account for the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal (or the legacy Link self-services tools). New users can find registration information at

Larger practices and health care organizations may prefer to use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or UnitedHealthcare’s Application Programming Interface (API) to manage claim transactions.

Going paperless with UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare is working to have more types of claim-related communications and reports available in Document Vault. It’s part of our efforts to make working with us faster and more efficient, as well as use digital tools to reduce the amount of paper communications that are sent.

Update your web browser for a seamless transition

For the most optimal UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal experience, make sure you’re using a compatible web browser.