Online prior authorization submission just got easier

Last modified: March 17,  2021

UnitedHealthcare offers more flexibility with our prior authorization and notification capabilities. You can check requirements, submit requests, upload medical notes, check status and update cases — without faxing or calling.

New enhancements

  • As we continue to upgrade our digital services, we have introduced a better self-service system to help you work with us — the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal (replacing Link). If you need to register for the portal, get started at
  • We’ve also made it easier for you to access and search letters by including a direct link from the Prior Authorization tool to Document Vault.
    • If you don’t have access to review letters in Document Vault, contact your organization’s Administrator who can adjust your role in Link Security

Prior authorization letters and more are going digital

Later this year, we’ll no longer print and mail paper provider remittance advice (PRAs) and medical prior authorization letters to in-network health care professionals, in those states and for plans where allowed. Instead, we’ll send you emails and show you where you can view and search for what you need in Document Vault. We’ll also begin the process of transitioning paper claim submissions to electronic submissions. We’ll share out more information before the changes go into effect.

Get ready with our online resources

This change is part of our efforts to transition from paper to electronic transactions whenever possible. Digital transactions get information to you faster and reduce the amount of paper health care professionals must manage. For a deeper understanding of the online prior authorization process, check out our prior authorization self-paced guide.

Available resources