Tufts Health Freedom Plan member transition updates

Last modified: October 15, 2021

UnitedHealthcare purchased Tufts Health Freedom Plan at the start of 2021. Currently work is underway to transition members to UnitedHealthcare Freedom Plans.

Beginning Oct. 1, 2021, members will begin to transition from Tufts Health Freedom Plan to UnitedHealthcare Freedom Plans. This process will be complete on Jan. 1, 2022.

Resources to support your practice

Continuity of Care

UnitedHealthcare will make every effort to meet the needs of members including contracting with providers who may be currently Out of Network. UnitedHealthcare will continue benefits for enrollees who are seeing Out of Network providers during the continuity of care period.


If you have an active authorization for a member through THFP, it is not necessary to complete a new authorization through UnitedHealthcare.  When that authorization expires, you will need to request a new authorization through the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal.

Radiology and cardiology prior authorizations

Radiology and Cardiology Prior Authorizations that were managed via NIA (National Imaging Associates) are now managed by EviCore.

Sleep Study prior authorizations

Sleep Studies that were previously managed by EviCore will now be managed by UnitedHealthcare and can be requested through the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal.


To determine if referrals are required for the member, please use the Eligibility & Benefits solution on

To learn more about referrals, access our interactive guide.

Member ID Card

As members transition to UnitedHealthcare Freedom Plans they will be issued a new ID card. Please remember to ask your patient for their most recent card. If they do not have it with them you may check their status on the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal.

Members who have not transitioned

If a member has not transitioned to UnitedHealthcare at the time of their appointment, please use the Tufts Freedom Health Plan portal to manage your patient’s needs.

Use the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal

Beginning Oct. 1, please log into for any activity associated with your patients who are members of UnitedHealthcare Freedom Plans.  

Educational resources are available

We have a self-paced learning course called UnitedHealthcare Freedom Plans that provides valuable information to help you navigate the transition.


If you need assistance, please contact