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UnitedHealthcare Enterprise Medical Records Program

An Easier Way to Share Medical Records

We know how exhausting medical record requests can be, from demands on staff time to delays in claims processing. Now UnitedHealthcare is making it easier for you and your practice. Our new program transforms how we request and receive medical records — a program that can help you get paid faster, lighten your administrative costs and free up your staff to focus on patient care.

How It Works

You’ll grant UnitedHealthcare direct access to your EMR system. Whenever we need a specific medical record to process a claim or complete a review, we'll remotely access your EMR system in a way that is compliant with HIPAA and all privacy regulations. Our secure transfer will download the information into a secure repository where the medical requester will review the records.

You’ll no longer need to gather information or package medical records for submission.

Instead EMR All Access will let our reviewers download clinical information such as progress notes, operation reports, radiology results, therapy notes and more — without disrupting your patient care.

We can move faster on claim payments, appeals, authorizations and other reviews — and you can see faster turnaround times for your accounts receivables.

How To Get Started

To join our EMR All Access program, you’ll need to provide UnitedHealthcare medical record reviewers with access licenses and allow medical record download and storage in compliance with regulatory requirements. While our process meets HIPAA and other compliance regulations, all medical records must be kept up to date to help ensure we’re accessing current information.

We’d also like you to participate in occasional testing and feedback to help us meet your needs. If you’d like to hear about other care providers who are already seeing results from EMR All Access, just let us know.

Ready to Get Started?

Email We’ll help you take the first steps in the program — and help make your medical record collection experience a little easier.