May 19, 2022

Refer your patients to Designated Diagnostic Providers for Imaging

Help your patients get the best value and service for their health care dollars. Refer them to a Designated Diagnostic Provider for Imaging.

On July 1, 2022, our tiered Designated Diagnostic Provider benefit for major imaging services goes into effect for fully insured commercial members, subject to state and regulatory approval.

Designated Diagnostic Provider benefit designs are intended to maximize member benefits for imaging services, by offering access to providers who have met both quality standards and efficiency requirements as established by accredited organizations for imaging services.

When members receive services from Designated Diagnostic Providers, they receive the highest benefit and have the lowest cost share.

You can help your patients manage costs and drive transparency by connecting them to Designated Diagnostic Providers.

Please refer your patients to a Designated Diagnostic Provider for Major Imaging. These providers have a green check next to their name in our Provider Directory. You can also use Point of Care Assist® in your electronic medical records (EMR) workflow to instantly check a patient’s eligibility and see a list of Designated Diagnostic Providers available to your patient.

Visit the Designated Diagnostic Provider - Guide for Referring Providers self-paced learning course to learn more.