Verify your data

The importance of accurate provider demographic data  

In our provider directories, we list information, like your address, phone number, email, website, certifications, patient reviews, whether you’re accepting new patients and more.

Ensuring that your practice data is accurate may help members find you and can help increase visibility for your practice.

All health care professionals who are contracted with UnitedHealthcare must attest to the accuracy of their demographic information at least quarterly to meet your contract requirements and regulatory guidelines.

Federal and state guidelines require that we work with health care professionals to ensure practice data and demographic information is up to date. 

Please list only health care professionals at practice locations who are available for reoccurring appointments. Substitute health care professionals who aren’t regularly available at that location should not be included in attestations.


Additional information

CAQH ProView®

Review the CAQH step-by-step video and user guide before you start.

Roster Management program

If you’re a participating health care professional in the Roster Management program, please work directly with your assigned Roster Manager to accurately attest, review and/or update your information.

My Practice Profile (not available to all health care professionals)

My Practice Profile lets you view, update and attest to your demographic information UnitedHealthcare members see for your organization.

Alternative options

If you don’t have access to the above methods, you can accurately attest to your data using the following UnitedHealthcare Demographic Change Request Form

When you attest to your practice data, you’ll review the following lists/topics to make sure they are up to date and accurate:

  • Address
  • Phone
  • Demographic data
  • Practice/health care professional email
  • Accepting new patients’ status
  • Certifications, affiliations and licenses
  • Specialty
  • Telehealth services
  • Areas of expertise
  • Accessibility
  • Languages spoken
  • Cultural competency

Why it matters

When members use the directory to find in-network care in their area, they may not be able to reach you to schedule an appointment if your listing isn’t accurate. And if it’s not complete, they may not have all the information they need to feel confident you can provide the care they need.   

What to review

When you attest to your practice data, adding details like a suite, building number, hours of operation or telehealth services can help members identify where you are and the additional services you provide.

  • Address
    In addition to street address, is there a suite or building number that should be added? You’ll also need to include and confirm all addresses you’re listed under and exactly where patients can make an appointment.
  • Specialty
    Is your specialty accurately credentialed and listed in our system? When you don’t tell us what your specialties are, you may miss out on an opportunity to provide quality care for members in your area.
  • Education
    If you’re continuing education or have attained new certifications and completed appropriate credentialing, let us know, so we can list your hard work in our provider directories. Including your additional schooling and certifications takes only a few clicks.
  • Practice/health care professional email
    If a specific person’s email is listed, is it still the correct person to respond to inquiries?

Review your demographic information today.