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Health care professionals get help with the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal including login, registration, and training. Save time and learn about our provider portal tools today.

Health care professionals like you can access patient- and practice-specific information 24/7 within the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. You can complete tasks online, get updates on claims, reconsiderations and appeals, submit prior authorization requests and check eligibility — all at no cost without calling.

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How do I log in to the portal?

Click the blue Sign In button at the top right of this page.

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How do I register for the portal?

Health care professionals and support staff can register for portal access or view our Access and New Registration guide for step-by-step instructions.

What can I do in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal?

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Use the Eligibility feature to:

  • View care plans
  • Review benefit information (copays, coinsurance, deductible amounts)
  • Check referral requirements
  • Get a digital copy of member ID cards 

Learn more in our Eligibility and Benefits Interactive Guide

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Use Claims & Payments to:

  • Get an estimate using Claim Estimator to help pre-determine patient benefits, allowable service bundling and claim financials
  • Submit, look up and take action on claims online
  • Search, view and/or print provider remittance advice (PRA) documents
  • Find contracted rates within Fee Schedule Lookup

Learn more by viewing the following resources:

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Use the Prior Authorization and Notification tool to:

  • Check prior authorization requirements
  • Submit new medical prior authorizations and inpatient admission notifications
  • Check the status of a request
  • Make request updates (e.g., uploading required clinical documentation)

For a general overview, please review the quick start guide.

For detailed instructions, please review the Prior Authorization and Notification interactive guide.

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Use the Referrals tool to:

  • Find referral requirements
  • Submit referral requests
  • See the status of referral requests

Learn more in our Referrals Interactive User Guide.

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Use PreCheck MyScript® to:

  • Check current prescription coverage and price in real time
  • Get information on lower-cost prescription alternatives
  • See which prescriptions need prior authorization, or are non-covered or non-preferred
  • Run a pharmacy trial claim (made easier because it’s integrated directly with your EMR)

Learn more in one of the following resources:

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Use Communication Preferences to make updates to:

  • Document Delivery Settings (who receives which Document Library emails)
  • Provider News Notifications
  • TrackIt Notifications

Learn more in our Profile & Settings Overview guide.

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Use My Practice Profile to:

  • View, verify and attest to your demographic information
  • Make changes to current information

Learn more in our My Practice Profile interactive guide.

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Use TrackIt to tackle a variety of tasks, such as:

  • View activity on all record types (e.g., prior authorizations, referrals, Smart Edits, reconsiderations and appeals)
  • Add information to a claim
  • Find and access documents
  • Set email preferences and use filters to view your own work and monitor your team’s work

Learn more about TrackIt.

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Use Document Library to:

  • View and print your documents
  • Assign, manage and comment on documents using Teams View
  • Download provider remittance advice (PRAs) for up to 24 months
  • Search any 90-day period, for up to 2 years, using Advanced Search
  • Manage multiple documents at one time through Bulk Action

Learn more in our Document Library Quick Start Guide or in our Document Library and Document Library Teams View interactive guides.

Use UHC Insights to:

  • Consolidate data from multiple sources
  • Review, analyze and act on data all in one place

Use Report Center (formerly UnitedHealthcare Reports) to:

  • Search all providers in the tax ID number (TIN) 
    • Use suggestive search to start typing in the dropdown to narrow results 
  • Search by TIN only for PCP Panel Reports 
  • Enjoy auto-selected info, such as:
    • Corporate TIN owner when there’s only one TIN
    • Physician TIN auto selected when corporate TIN is selected 
  • Filter reports by product, type or health plan 
  • See data more easily with full-screen option 
  • View up to 60–70 reports without scrolling 
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Use Onboard Pro to: 

  • Submit requests for participation with the UnitedHealthcare network
  • Add new health care professionals to your tax ID number (TIN) and group contract

Learn more:

Want to learn more about our tools at your own pace?

Our training and education page organizes tools by task, so you can learn to use our portal tools when it fits in your schedule. 

Chat and self-service options

Questions? Chat with us.

Health care professionals can get real time answers to questions about a wide range of topics including:

  • Claims
  • Eligibility and prior authorization
  • Credentialing and onboarding
  • Technical support

Connect with us 24/7. To get started, sign in to the portal with your One Healthcare ID. Then, select the chat icon at the bottom-right corner of the page.

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Check out these other resources that make it easier to work with UnitedHealthcare.

  • Payment tools
  • Clinical tools 
  • Documents and Reporting 
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