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General UnitedHealthcare Plan Directory

The General UnitedHealthcare Plan Directory allows you to search for doctors, clinics and hospitals by selecting from the UnitedHealthcare family of health plans offered. This directory includes care providers who serve our Commercial and Medicare members.

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Need to Update Your Demographic Information?

The My Practice Profile app on Link lets you view, update and attest to the care provider demographic information UnitedHealthcare members see for your organization. Use the app to make demographic changes just one time, in one place – and get those updates into our systems more quickly.

Don't Have Access to the My Practice Profile App? Try these:

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Specialty Directories and Tools

Find dental benefit providers by state, network and/or name and location.

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UnitedHealthcare Community Plan offers health care coverage for beneficiaries of Medicaid and other state health care programs under the names UnitedHealthcare, AmeriChoice, Arizona Physicians IPA (APIPA) and Great Lakes Health Plan. Search the directory for participating physicians, hospitals and other health care professionals. Note: This directory does not include providers who are contracted under Long Term Care plans marketed under the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan name.

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Search the UnitedHealthcare NexusACO Care Provider Directory to locate participating physicians, hospitals and health care professionals. In addition, you can use the directory to identify your practice’s tiered status for members with a NexusACO tiered benefit plan.

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Powerful health resources, personalized support services. Live and Work Well is here to help you and those you care about find the balance, support and care you need to live the healthiest life possible.

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Find a pharmacy by address or ZIP code search. The Optum RxPharmacy Locator can provide results for Retail 90-Day, Home Delivery, Long-Term Care, Open 24 Hours and more.

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UnitedHealthcare’s Relative Cost of Network Providers measurement helps primary care providers (PCPs) make informed referral decisions for their patients who are our members. Use the UnitedHealthcare General Provider directory to search common services or treatments and view the relative costs of care for that service. In addition, the directory will indicate if providers are Premium Care Physicians who have been identified for quality and cost efficiency.

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Identify network ancillary care providers for UnitedHealthcare of California SignatureValue® and UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage HMO members. These listings are updated monthly.

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Find commercial medical, vision, dental and behavioral health providers based on plan and provider type within a geographic area for UnitedHealthcare West.

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