Verify and update your demographic data

Help members find you — keep your demographic data up-to-date

Want members searching for care to find you? Keep your demographic data up-to-date in the UnitedHealthcare Network Directory.

Health care professionals who are contracted with us for commercial or Individual Exchange plans are required to verify demographic data every 90 days

Members value accurate information

They most often search for health care professionals based on:

  • Office location/distance from home
  • If the healthcare professional is accepting new patients
  • Specialized training/expertise
  • Services and treatments you provide

Key items to verify

When updating your information, be detailed and be timely. It’s the best way to help members connect with you. Be sure to check your:

  • Phone number associated with the specific provider practice location
  • Accepting new patients
  • Office locations where the provider accepts appointments only
  • United States Postal Service (USPS) address at all locations, including suite, building number and handicap accessibility
  • Email
  • Affiliated group name
  • Office hours and website
  • Specialties and areas of expertise
  • Languages spoken and availability of interpreter services
  • Certifications, affiliations and licenses
  • Telehealth services
  • Hospital affiliations
  • Cultural competency training

3 ways to verify your data

CAQH Proview®

CAQH is a multi-payer solution that allows you to update your profile in real time and have instant access to directory services and more.

Roster Management program

If you’re a participating health care professional in the roster management program, please work directly with your assigned roster manager to review and verify the accuracy of your practice’s data.

My Practice Profile

My Practice Profile lets you verify and attest to the accuracy of data for each health care professional covered within a tax identification number (TIN). 

Did your review find a health care professional who’s no longer at your practice?

Follow your normal verification process to make the change. Please be sure to highlight the specific changes you are submitting.